Sustainable Commitment

Reducing our carbon footprint

At JARCHA we want to promote and help mitigate the environmental impact of our organization, contributing to the European challenge to curb climate change and control GHG emissions.


We have set ourselves the goal of reducing our organization’s carbon emissions. And, for this, it is necessary to know our carbon footprint first.


This project, of implementation and verification of the carbon footprint calculation, will be developed thanks to the program of the Junta de Extremadura for the competitive improvement of Extremadura SMEs and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


We will also have the support of the company Consultoría y Formación MARGUBE, That will advise us on this path of transformation towards sustainability.

Calculation of the environmental footprint and action plan

This project consists of carrying out the calculation of the carbon footprint. With this calculation, it will be possible to measure the impact of JARCHA on the environment and reduce as much as possible the environmental footprint caused by our processes. Thus, we will be able to position sustainability as one of the strategic axes of our organization.


To achieve a much broader view of all our impacts, both scope 1 and 2 emissions required by the OECC, as well as scope 3 emissions, will be included.



In this way, we will be able to know the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by our organization. Based on these data, we will be able to build a strategy that allows us to innovate, incorporating new technologies and other improvements that involve a change and a significant reduction in our CO2 emissions until our organization is emission neutral.


Soon, we will be sharing with all of you the details and results obtained from this calculation. We will also present the decarbonization objectives that we will set for ourselves in the short, medium and long term as an action plan.